• 24 Ocak

    Aktas Holding targets a turnover of $ 250 million in the next 5 years

  • 27 Ocak

    Aktas Holding focused on the Leadership through Digital Branding and Marketing in 2017

  • 23 Ekim

    Plate from Sami Erol at The Conference For Continuous Improvement For Perfectness

Sami Erol: "What is important in branding is to ensure sustainability "

Sami Erol, CEO and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, who participated in the Turquality Panel, organized by BUSIAD, as a speaker, shared the role Aktaş Holding assumed in the global market and the process which Aktaş involved in the Turquality support program with the participants. 

Erol, in his speech where he emphasized the "value creating" and "sustainability" phenomena in the road to branding, gave important messages. 

Sami Erol, CEO and member of the board of directors of Aktaş Holding, which is the leader in Turkey and among the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows sector, made interesting sharing related with branding process in the presentation he did in the Turquality Panel, performed by BUSIAD. Sami Erol, underlyning that Airtech air suspension systems, which became a global brand in the production of air suspension systems, said that "It is obvious that Turquality program, which was established with the purpose that Turkey becomes a global player which can stand with her own brands in the international brand and which is the first branding platform with state support has important gains." 

Sami Erol: "Turquality is very important for creating brand consciousness"   

Describing the Turquality process as the approach of converting the different components of corporate management process to a brand with investment and growth targets, market targets, management models, and stakeholder expectation, Sami Erol said that "Even thought Turquality is an incentive program, the main output of this incentive is a brand. With this respect branding requires sustainability. Afterwards, the systems require continuous improvement depending on the technological conditions developing related with brand, information structure and customer request structure. i.e. if you can't avoid this development in the dynamic structure, if you fall behind the customer requests, your brands will fall back too and will be lost. We know very well how a lot of brands known in the world erased in 5 - 6 years from the point they had came in 50 years. Therefore branding is a hard and tiresome process but it is very easy to fall back. What is important at this point is that systems ensuring sustainability are established behind it. Turquality provides very important contributions with regards to establishing brand consciousness and culture and to create difference."   

It is required to make prioritizing in the branding process! 

Pointing out that trying to bring a lot of brands in his own products in the branding process at the same time while the company creates a global brand inside the brand management strategies may cause a lot of problems in the efficient usage of the resources, Erol said that "At this point, it is required to make prioritizing which is based on the strategic planning with regards to the efficient usage of the financial resources of the organization. For example, we determined our own three brands as Aktaş, Airtech and Aircomfort. In the branding process, when we form the infrastructure we prioritized Airtech in the global league because Airtech came to forefront according to both the cost and sales management which we can raise the brand awareness, recognition fastest, we can manage competition best when we made the global market analysis."  

"Aktaş Holding gained a worldwide brand with Turquality"   

Stating that they are, as Aktaş Holding, happy to be in the  Turquality program, Erol used the words of "If you ask what Aktaş Holding did win by involving in the Turquality program and creating activities here, in my opinion she won a worldwide brand. We have created a brand to make export to maybe more than 200 countries when making export to more than 90 countries. Many countries raise their value thanks to their brands. The country must be branded, the brands must make the country a brand. For this, Turquality is an amazing opportunity."

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