• 24 Ocak

    Aktas Holding targets a turnover of $ 250 million in the next 5 years

  • 27 Ocak

    Aktas Holding focused on the Leadership through Digital Branding and Marketing in 2017

  • 23 Ekim

    Plate from Sami Erol at The Conference For Continuous Improvement For Perfectness

Golden recommendations to the youth from CEOs creating value

Sami Erol, CEO and member of board of directors of Aktas Holding gave very important recommendations to the youth in the "CEOs creating value" session in the activity called "sustainable success platform" organized by AIESEC.

Aktas Holding, having production facilities across the world, the products of which are sold in more than 90 countries, which is the companies group having the widest product ranges in the spare part group in the world continues their support to social responsibility projects. 

Sami Erol, CEO and member of board of directors of Aktas Holding attended the "sustainable success platform", organized by the Bursa Branch of AIESEC, an international student exchange organization. 

Sami Erol talked in the session called "CEOs creating value" where the moderator was Burak Unaldi and Cansen Başaran-Symes, old CEO of PwC was another speaker gave golden recommendations to the university students. 

Sami Erol, in his speech, said "Earning money alone should never be a priority. The people who can success in creating value in the global world will have a great advantage for reaching their targets. You will start earning money as soon as you start creating value. You have to raise yourself as individuals across the world. Today, opportunities for working in different countries can be created easily. However you are required to plan your own development accordingly in the name of using these opportunities". 

The speed of change increased too much in the world.

Underlying that the individuals are required to keep up with change, Sami Erol said "However, the speed of the change increased too much in the world in the last period, different from the past. It is required to monitor this process well. I don't agree with the thoughts for eliminating the generation differences. There will be differences between generations necessarily. Now we will feel this much more.

" Sami Erol :"It is important to spare time for hobbies".

Erol, stating that the most important mistake in the business world is focusing only to work, said that "if you focus your life completely on work, you will forget enjoying. When you always focus on work, you break with the world outside and then you'll alienate from the work too. This is the biggest damage you may cause to yourself. Therefore you absolutely must spare time for your hobbies. I am interested in music. Another friend may have different hobbies. Hobbies must be spared time no matter what".

Plates are presented to the speakers by the members of Bursa Branch of AIESEC at the end of the session.

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