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Full Marks to Aktas Holding in the World Water Forum!

Aktas Holding which is among the top firms of the world in production of air suspension system took part as a participant in the "World Water Forum" arranged to find new ideas and solutions for the present water problems and collect ideas from four sides of the world and took pride in becoming the only representative of the sector for which it serves.

The EPDM membranes in the global standards, produced by AK-IZO established within the organization of Aktas Holding with a great R&D support, were applauded by the participants in the World Water Forum with its mission of "Life Buoy" assumed by it against the exhausting water resources.

Bursa, 24.09.2014 - Aktas Holding, which is the leader in Turkey and is one of the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension bellows, took part as the only representative of the sector in the World Water Forum in which many important issues were considered such as possible effects of climate change on Turkey, reflections of such effects to the water resources, basin-based water safety and the participants from many areas of the world met.

Aktas Holding, which took pride in being the only participant of the sector served by it in the meeting in which it participated especially with the SHW Regional Managers and Heads of Departments and Branch Managers with their technical teams got a full mark from the participants with the role assumed by it in GOL-SU Project closely concerning future of the water resources in our country.

In GOL-SU project initiated by the General Directorate of SHW; it is intended to build "1000 Pond within 1000 days" and it is proposed to meet water requirements of our farmers and serve as a "Life Buoy" at the times of drought under the project.

"Protective Duty for Ponds"

While the EPDM membranes in the global standards, produced by AK-IZO within the organization of Aktas Holding with a great R&D support Aktas Holding, assumed a key role in the project developed against the exhausting water resources, the state-of-the-art membranes of AK-IZO has a protective duty on the pond bottoms to protect fresh water resources and prevent drought.

LinefLex EPDM membranes of AK-IZO Yalitim Sistemleri Tic. San. A.S., having superior qualities, are developed in the world quality under the current conditions and constitute a Free Cover element inevitable for these ponds with their structure consistent for all kinds of climate.

"We are happy as we have provided such a value for our country"

Erol who stated that Ak-izo Yalitim Sistemleri A.S. which is in the organization of Aktas Holding and produces EPDM membrane for waterproofing assumed active role in these major projects from the first stage to the stage of implementation expressed that they took pride in representing the sector in the World Water Forum.

Erol said; "Ak-Izo performs its duty acting with the awareness of its responsibility for the future of our country. The EPDM membranes produced as the state of the art and nature-friendly products has been functioning in our ponds currently reaching millions of square meter free from problem for many years. It is a product in the global quality according to the present conditions by closely following the recent developments with its substantial R&D support. The EPDM membranes produced for all kinds of climate shall be the "Free Cover" element being an inevitable function on the bottom of ponds concerning future of our country (forest fire extinguishing, agricultural irrigation, catchment). We are happy to provide such a value for our country".

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