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Drought ends in the water sources in Turkey!

As the usable water amount decreases in our country too like in the world, Ak-IZO insulation systems playing an active role in the LAKE-WATER project which has the position of "life buoy" in possible drought times fulfils essential duty for the ponds with EPDM membranes which are the water insulation material in the international level.

While EPDM membranes, produced as nature friendly, with the latest technology by AK-IZO take an important task which will continue without problem for years in our ponds reaching to millions of meter square today, the membranes, wonder of engineering, produced compatible with all kinds of climates allow that the water resources are protected by functioning as a perfect "free cover" in the bottoms of ponds.

AK-İZO Yalıtım Sistemleri Tic. San. A.Ş., which was established in 2005 within the organization of Aktas Holding, which is the leader in air suspension bellow industry in Turkey and in the first three companies in the world, plays a very important role which interests the future of our country in the point of using LinefLex EPDM membranes having superior characteristics. 

Ak-IZO signed a very important responsibility in the LAKE-WATER project which was actualized with the target of being the life-blood against the water sources which are draining away with EPDM membranes to the world standards which she produces with a great R&D support. 

AK-İZO fulfils the duty of "free cover" which is a necessary function in the bottoms of the ponds with nature friendly membranes in the clean water sources which are draining away due to global warming, shortage of precipitation, excessive vaporization, fast consumption, and pollution. 

The membranes of AK-IZO, a product of state of art technology, having the duty of protection in the pond bottoms have a key function at the point of protection the clean water sources which are rapidly draining away and preventing drought. 

"We are proud". 

Considering that the usable water amount doesn't change inversely proportional to the population increase in the country, intense migration and economic factors at high level, it is worried that this amount decreases more in the coming years. However AK-IZO realizes a perfect protective duty with the consciousness of the responsibility of the mission she commits and the high service quality, for the usable water amount don't disappears. 

Sami Erol, CEO and member of the board of directors of Aktas Holding, stating that they are proud of being in the project applied across the country as a company, gave information on the project and applications. 

"Great contribution to the country by AK-IZO". 

Erol, stating that Ak-izo Yalıtım Sistemleri A.Ş., which is in the organization of Aktas Holding and produces EPDM membrane for water isolation, takes an active role in these big projects from the first stage to the application stage said "Ak-Izo does her duty by acting with the consciousness of the responsibility for the future of our country. EPDM membranes, state of the art technology and produced as nature friendly, function without problem for years in our ponds which reach millions of square meter today. It is a world class product compatible with the conditions of today by following the latest developments closely with the great R&D support behind her. EPDM membranes produced compatible with all kinds of climates will be the "free cover" factor, which is an essential function in the bottom of the ponds (forest fire extinguishing, irrigation for agricultural purposes, water collection) which interests the future of the country. We are happy to bring such a value to the country".

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