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    Aktas Holding targets a turnover of $ 250 million in the next 5 years

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    Aktas Holding focused on the Leadership through Digital Branding and Marketing in 2017

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Costumer interviews

Dildar Otomotiv  

1.   Could you introduce yourself in short?  

My name is Niyazi Dildar. I am one of the two sons of Dildar family. We, together with my brother Eren Dildar, manage Dildar Automotive, our company, we took over from our father Erdin Dildar. I am 35 years old. I am in the Aktaş family for a period longer than 20 years. I am married and have two children. I am graduated from International Relations Department of Economical Sciences Faculty. Our origin is in Samsun but I was born in Istanbul. Since I sustained my school life by working, I actively serve in my company for a period longer than 20 years.  

2.   Could you introduce your organization?  

Dildar Automotive was founded in 1991 and is a company which has headquarter office and depot in the European side of Istanbul, together with her 15 employees, has sales office in the Asian side, and serves in an area of 1000 square meter in total. Our sales are divided into two as domestic and abroad. Our company also performs export and import. We have a strong stock, over 10 thousand units as suspension bellows, cabin bellows and folded bellows in the existing depots. This stock, as variety, consists of 750 types of bellows. With our stock potential, we create a substantial volume in the domestic market. Besides, we have an important position in the shock absorber group in the suspension systems. With our sales figures of 30 thousand products annually, we have the leader position in the sector.  

3.   When did your cooperation with Aktaş start? 

Our father Erdinç Dildar started the commercial relations with Aktaş family in another company where he was a company manager in 1989. When Dildar Automotive was established in 1991, our commercial relations with the Aktaş family started. In our first years, our company made the selling of truck, bus, spare parts and equipments of Man and Mercedes brands. In 1993, depending on the Aktaş suspension systems, it was defined as sub-agent in the distribution system of that time. It gained a new position as an official sales agent in 1996 and it continuet by increasing the commercial figures every year.  

4.   What does Aktaş mean to you? 

Could you evaluate the company's growth in worldwide and target?  First of all Aktaş Holding is in our family spirituals for us. Our honorable elder Şahap Aktaş is extremely important and precious for us like our father Erdinç Dildar. At the point of serving a group and mission, with regards to the market integrity, Şahap Aktaş has the leader position for us. In the commercial area, together with the other agent friends which we are partner, Aktaş is our biggest partner which is the vision determiner, target setter and enables us to establish dominance in the market with the data we give. Aktaş Holding, closely monitoring the developments in the world has reflected to us, her agencies, the point where whe should be in the world arena in the best way with her entrepreneurs determining the market and having an active role.  

5.   What kind of business partnership with Aktaş Holding?  

If we consider it as a big company at the bottom, we see Aktaş Holding as the leader of the sector we give services. Considering as a big family, including the other agent friends, Aktaş Holding has the position of our biggest business partner. Aktaş Holding has the status of placing the rules in the market, setting the targets and guiding the sector with R&D studies. We, agencies, take the steps for bringing the existing targets to an upper bar by making the ambassy of these determined rules and set targets. The pleasure which being in the leader position in the active market let us live and the joy given by conveying this situation to our customers, together with the strength given by the spirituality which there is trust at the foundation is a big source of happiness for us.  

6.   In your opinion, what is the secret of being successful in the business life? 

You absolutely have to have targets to be successful in the business life; you must have knowledge and experience. You must know the market you refer to and familiar with the customer. You must always be open to novelties and keep pace with the changes. You must give trust and quality to people and gain prestige in return. You must regain this prestige gained to the customer as being important. 

Marsan Yedek Parça AŞ  

1.   Could you introduce yourself in short?  

I was born in Adıyaman in 1982. I completed my first, secondary and high school education in Adıyaman. I was graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Uludağ University. I am married; my wife works as a music teacher. I helped my family until my university years in the sector we are in. I continue my duty as a manager in our company actively since 2005.  

2.   Could you introduce your organization?  

Our company which started the wholesale of air suspension bellows in 1996 while making automotive tires and spare parts in Adıyaman in 1981 as MARSAN Tic. ve Pazarlama continues her way as MARSAN Yedek Parça Yalıtım A.Ş., by incorporating again in 2011. It performed the first investment of this new formation in Mersin again in 2011 and started our activities in our new location. Our target in this investment was to bring our products to the customers in a faster way in a more correct point with logistic sense by increasing our product diversity we serve to our customers. We are closer to these targets mostly within a year. Our total storage area in Mersin is 1000 m2 and we continue to serve with

* products always having the same quality,
* delivery in time, completely and without mistake,
* high stocks

together with the new dealerships we added to our product portfolio, especially Aktaş. We endevour to give the best service to our customers in today's conditions when the competition is increasing by listening the requests of our customers in the customer visits we do in certain periods and considering these requests. We thank you for your contribution to us in this road.  

3.   When did your cooperation with Aktaş start?  

Our cooperation with Aktaş started in 1994 with the encouragement of Mr. Şahap Aktaş. We started to market the products with Aktaş brand, which we made the retail sales previously together with the acency structure of Aktaş. With this regard, we are the first acent of Aktaş.  

4.   What does Aktaş mean to you? 

Could you evaluate the company's growth in worldwide and target?  Aktaş is the pioneer of this sector in her subject. With this regard we are more than happy for growing together with our brand which we are proud of, for establishing our targets and strategies together. It proves how much we shoud trust us as the country in this subject with the businesses it does world wide and the contribution it provides the country.  

5.   What kind of business partnership with Aktaş Holding?  

As I said just ago, we are one of the biggest dealers of Aktaş in the domestic market and we take most of the decisions we take in the active market together. With this respect, being in continuous sharing is one of our biggest advantages in our business partnership.  

6.   In your opinion, what is the secret of being successful in the business life?  

In my opinion, the biggest secret of success is establishing a regular information system by integrating the novelties brought by today to our system in the fastest way. The most important thing is to be honest with ourselves and our perimeter. When you can make that the opposing party feels this, in any event the success follows behind it. 

Selin Otomotiv Nak. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.  

1.   Kısaca Could you introduce your organization?  

Selin Otomotiv Nak. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. was founded in Ankara Ata industry by Arif Ölmez and Nihat Ölmez. It continues her service now in the Ostim industrial site. It continues her activities on the wholeshale automotive spare part selling for heavy vehicle group. Our company, which makes the agency of some of the pioneer institutions in the sector of the country for 25 years, markets these products with 13 personnel present in the country and abroad in our headquarters as well as a branch in Samsun and our personnel working in Konya and İzmir as home office. It, as Selin Automotive, targets to provide correct, fast and reliable service to 750 active customers present across Turkey.  

2.   When did your cooperation with Aktaş start? 

Our cooperation with Aktaş has started in 1989 which is the establishment of our company and continues by growing more every day passing.  

3.   What does Aktaş mean to you? 

Could you evaluate the company's growth in worldwide and target?  Aktaş, which we do the dealership since our foundation, is an institution which provides quality product with good price, reliable and gives importance to customer satisfaction. Aktaş, among the biggess bellows producers of the world, marketing the quality product with suitable price and being reliable, the company, undisputedly has the leader position in the country will capture this leadership worldwide too.  

4.   What kind of business partnership with Aktaş Holding?  

It is our wish that the relations with Aktaş, which we do the dealership, conducted with mutual trust since 1989, continues for many years. There is Denge Motorlu Araçlar San. Tic. AŞ, making the wholesale spare part commerce in the heavy vehicle group, established in Istanbul, among the subsidiaries of our company. In addition to this, there is Kargokar Taşımacılık AŞ which was founded in 2006 in the transportation sector and extends the service network every passing day, serves with the principle of customer orientation with 65 branches in 17 provinces by using all the means of technology.  

5.   In your opinion, what is the secret of being successful in the business life?  

In order to be successful in the business life, in addition to be honest seller, being reliable, presenting the quality product with a good price, fulfilling the requests of the companies in the sector it serves as soon as possible, growing without compensating from principles and reliability will bring the success together with.

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