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Aktaş Holding personnel blowed of steam

The backgammon tournament, organized by Aktaş Holding, among the biggest companies of the world in the air suspension system production, in order to enhance the communication between the employees and increase the motivation witnessed colorful scenes.

Aktaş Holding, leader in Turkey and among the first three companies in the world in the air suspension bellows sector, continues to gather her personnel in various organizations for taking them away from the stress and tiredness of the working life to some extent. 

Aktaş Holding last performed an award-winning backgammon tournements between the holding companies for enhancing the interaction between the personnel and for increasing the motivation. 

While there was a great contention in the final of the tournament which was performed in the factory building present in the Kestel organized industrial zone and where there were keen struggles, the happiness of the personnel who won the struggle was worth seeing. 

While the personnel completing the tournament with championship took the reward from the hands of the Serkan Aktaş, member of board of directors of Aktaş Holding, Aktaş celebrated the personnel finishing the tournament with success. 

"We progress to our targets step by step".

Stating that they give great importance to keep the interaction and relationship spirit between the personnel with such kind of activities organized during the year, Serkan Aktaş, member of board of directors of Aktaş Holding, said that they will continue to sustain the organizations periodically. Emphasizing that they continue their businesses with an intense pace as Aktaş Holding, Aktaş reminded that 2014 passed very productive for them and expressed that they continue to take sure steps to the targeted point.

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