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    Plate from Sami Erol at The Conference For Continuous Improvement For Perfectness

Aktas Holding family met in iftar.

Employees of Aktas Holding among the biggest companies of the world in the air suspension system production came together in the iftar dinner organized due to Month Ramadan.

Aktas Holding, which is the leader in the air suspension bellow industry in Turkey and among in the first three companies in the world, conducted an iftar organization on the occasion of Month Ramadan. 

About 500 Aktas personnel attended the iftar dinner organized in Altınceylan with their families. 

The organization where Sahap Aktas, Chairman of the board of directors of Aktas Holding, and his wife Murvet Aktas as well as Sami Erol, CEO and member of board of directors of Aktas Holding, Serkan Aktas, the deputy of chairman of board of directors of Aktas Holding, and Ilknur Aktas, chairman of the board of directors of Aktas Education Foundation, witnessed colorful scenes. 

The organization, the whirling dervishes created a difference, was ended with success with respect to domestic communication. Sami Erol, CEO and member of board of directors of Aktas Holding, making statements about the meaning and importance of the night after the iftar dinner, stating that such organizations have great important for embalming the spirit of month Ramadan, mentioned the satisfaction of being together with the employees of Aktas Holding. 

"We move to our 2023 target with firm steps" 

Noting that they, as Aktas Holding, continue their business according to the 2023 target with an intense pace, Erol said "as we all know we, as Aktas Holding, have the target of being the world leader in the sector we serve in 2023. This is a very important target for us and we continue our businesses accordingly. I sincerely believe in that we will reach this target with your contribution too. I celebrate your Month Ramadan in advance on this occasion". 

"We are a big family". 

Sahap Aktas, chairman of the board of directors of Aktas Holding, took the floor after the speech by Sami Erol. 

Stating that he was glad to share the same table with the personnel of Aktas Holding in Month Ramadan Aktas said "It is seen here that Aktas Holding is really a big family. Sharing the same table here today, being together with you in this warm and sincere environment is really a good feeling. We will shape the future of Aktas Holding strongly by joining hands, all together. Our company, the biggest of Turkey in the sector, continues her growth together with you. I thank you very much for your attendance. I wish Month Ramadan would be blessed for you on this occasion." 

Various gifts were given after the speeches to the children of the employees of Aktas Holding who deserved success certificate at school by the members of the board of directors of Aktas Holding. Employees and their children left by mentioning their satisfaction of the night.

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