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Aktas Holding entertained its Guests from China

Aktas Holding which is among the top firms of the world in production of air suspension system entertained the executives from the firm Taiji, which has a high market share in China in production of high-strength polyester industrial thread, vehicle tyre and conveyor band cord fabric and has been meeting all cord fabric requirement of Ankeshu factory of Aktas Holding in China since 2010, in Bursa.

Bursa, 24.09.2014 - Aktas Holding, which is the leader in Turkey and is one of the top three firms in the world in the sector of air suspension bellows, entertained the executives from the Chinese Taiji Industrial firm, which is specialized in high-strength polyester industrial thread, vehicle tyre and conveyor band card fabric having products with a high market share in the Chinese market, in Bursa recently.

The firm Taiji, which carries out its management sales activities in the city of Wuxi, state of Jiangsu in China and production activities with its factory in the city of Yangzhou, has been in cooperation with Aktas Holding since 2010 and meeting all cord fabric requirements of Ankeshu factory of Aktas in China.

A visit was made to Bursa in order to meet with Mr. Sun who is the new General Manager of the firm Taiji, to discuss developments in the polyester cord fabric according to requirements of Aktas, review the existing technical and logistics problems and discuss opportunities to grow business relationships between the firms in the future.

While the guests coming from China were welcomed by the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member Sami Erol on behalf of Aktas Holding, Erol expressed his satisfaction for entertaining the guests in Bursa.

"Our relationships with the firm achieved a significant dimension"

Erol who stated that the relationships between the firm Taiji, products of which have a high market share on the Chinese market, and Aktas started in March 2010 said: "The first order was placed to the firm Taiji in September 2010 following the cord fabric approval process and test productions. Today, our supply of card fabric from this firm has reached substantial dimensions. Our Ankeshu factory meets all its cord fabric requirements from the firm Taiji. I believe that our good relationships with the firm at this point shall continue increasing".

"The region has substantial similarities with Bursa"

Mr. Sun who stated that the city of Wuxi in the state of Jiangsu, where the firm Taiji operates, has similar features with Bursa expressed his thanks to Sami Erol and Aktas Holding personnel for their hospitality.

Sun who stated that they have ISO 9001:2000 and business permits with foreign trade rights in China with total 2800 employees consisting of engineers and technicians said: "State of Jiangsu, in particular city of Wuxi, is the most important automotive industrial zone of China. It has great similarities with Bursa as an industry. Textile attracts attention as the second important sector in this region as well. Our firm Taiji is a firm proven itself in product quality and maintenance of this quality in polyester cord fabric. We believe that we will increase its market share in Turkey in the following period. It is essential to develop the relationships with the firms in the state of Jiangsu and introduce the potential in Bursa to these firms to these firms for export from the automotive sub-industry to China. We believe that we contributed in this introduction through this visit".

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