About Us

Thanks to more than 75-year-rubber experience, Aktaş Holding, producer of air suspension systems in transportation industry and EPDM membrane in construction industry, started to produce industrial hoses in 2015, with the intention to maintain its significantly good level of rubber expertise by extending its ability in rubber also into the industrial area.

Even keeping the product quality in our current transport and construction sectors, Aktaş Holding aims to produce the durable, long-lasting and eco-friendly industrial hose through superior R&D technology and know-how. As a first action, the construction, water, petroleum, air and cable protection hoses are manufactured under the brand of Powertech in this field, also, it is planned to lead the sector by targeting to have an important impact among the competitors improving the product range. 

The product range of the water, fuel oil, air, material handling and cable protection hoses are manufactured through superior engineering studies with product variety to satisfy the market needs, through Aktaş quality and trust, determining optimum characteristics such as internal-external diameters, high/middle/low working pressures, bending radius, bursting pressures, high/low working temperatures, resistance to the air, ozone, heat, abrasion, oil.

Address: OSB Ali Osman Sönmez Bulvarı No:13/A 16140 Nilüfer, Bursa / TURKEY
Telephone: +90 224 300 00 00